FALL 2012

January 24, 2013

Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Location: Annenberg School for Communication (3620 Walnut Street), Room 500
Title:Ten trends in Technology Use in Education in Developing Countries that you may not have heard about (and why you should care)
By: Mike Trucano, Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, World Bank

Abstract: Much has long been made of the promise and potential of ICT use in education to help meet a variety of longstanding challenges to education systems in low and middle income countries. Most of the ICT-enabled 'solutions' to such ' challenges' have traditionally been conceived, and constructed, based on experiences in industrialized economies of North America, Europe and Asia. What are we learning about how new technologies are actually being used in education in so-called 'developing countries' that is not often reported on in the international media?

Join Mike Trucano, the World Bank's Senior ICT & Education Specialist, for an idiosyncratic tour around the world looking at emerging sets of experiences that are a bit 'under the radar' but which may shed light on what is working (and what isn't) and what this may suggest about possibilities and opportunities in the future.

About the Speaker:Mike Trucano is the World Bank's Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, serving as the World Bank's focal point on the topic within the education sector and leads the World Bank's related analytical work under its flagship Systems Approach for Better Education Results initiative as it relates to information and communication technologies (SABER-ICT). In addition, Mike provides advice and support to World Bank country-level education projects seeking to utilize ICTs in various ways in multiple countries around the world; current areas of activity include ICT/education policy development, the use of mobile phones in education, ICT and education indicators, 'new economy skills for Africa', development of national ICT/education agencies,child Internet safety, and low-cost 'ICT devices'. As part of his duties, he co-chairs the World Bank's internal cross-sectoral thematic group on ICT and education, which helps to maintain the organization's internal knowledgebase on related topics and sponsors numerous speakers and knowledge-sharing events each year.

About the Series: The ICT4D Seminar Series is a new interdisciplinary venture at Penn to bring together researchers, students, and leaders from all sectors who are interested in better understanding the role that ICTs play in international development, and the impact that they have on impoverished and under-resourced communities. The Series will bring together noted researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the ICT4D field, and will provide a venue for the Penn community to explore this important area of work. The ICT4D Seminar is supported by the Provost’s Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund, ASC, GSE, and SEAS. Programmatic support is provided by the Annenberg Center for Global Communication Studies.

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