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McLuhan, Marshall

  • Correspondence 03/14/1960 - 10/04/1977
    George Gerbner, Marshall McLuhan, Edmund Brown, Arthur Hurst, Tom cooper, Nathan Pletcher, Marrill Pannitt, Susan Schmidt, E.T. Hall.

  • Correspondence
    From: George Gerbner
    To: Sandra Grilikhes, Carolyn Marvin, Merrill Panitt, Larry Gross, Robert Hornik, Klaus Krippendorff, Paul Messaris
    Date: March 22, 1983

  • Biography (1)
    Author unknown.

  • Biography (2)
    Article Title: McLuhan, (Herbert) Marshall
    Journal Title: Current Biography
    Issue Date: 1967
    Pages: 270 - 273

  • Biography (3)
    Article Title: Herbert Marshall McLuhan
    Author: Claude T. Bissell
    Journal Title: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada
    Issue Number: 19
    Issue Date: 1981

  • Laws of the Media: Structural Approach
    A draft.
    Article Title: Laws of the Media: Structural Approach
    Author: Marshall McLuhan

  • The Gospel According to McLuhan
    Article Title: The Gospel According to McLuhan
    Author: MAM
    Journal Title: The Pennsylvania Gazette
    Issue Date: June 1966
    Pages: 3 - 37

  • The McLuhan Galaxy
    Sent to George Gerbner as correspondence.
    From: Tom Cooper
    To: George Gerbner
    Article Title: The McLuhan Galaxy
    Author: Brian Winston
    Journal Title: Channels

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