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Published Year Unknown

Various published articles, not clear which year they were published.
  • Crime: When the Ruled Act like Rulers
  • Persian Gulf War: The Movie, draft, n.d.
    Article Title: Persian Gulf War: The Movie
    Author: George Gerbner
    Issue Date: n.d.

  • Popular Culture: Who Pays?
    Please note: the citation printed on top of the page is incorrect.

  • Science and Scientists on the TV Screen; A Pilot Study
    This paper is a draft version based on a larger report to the National Science Foundation entitled "Television's Contribution to Public Understanding of Science: A Pilot Study" by George Gerbner, Larry Gross, Michael Morgan, and Nancy Signorielli

  • Television as Religion, draft, n.d.
    Article Title: Television as Religion
    Author: George Gerbner
    Issue Date: n.d.

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